Acid Staining Orlando

A unique, affordable look for any concrete floor. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


Acid concrete staining might be one of the most budget friendly ways to achieve a durable, decorative concrete finish, that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Acid staining is great for Orlando's residential homes, cafes, bars, restaurants, offices, driveways, pathways, hotels and more.



Although robust, concrete without treatment is susceptible to damage like cracks, scratches and chipping.  A stained concrete floor with its protective top coat is harder to damage and will be protected against mold and mildew growth on the surface.


Easy to Clean

The sealed surface of acid-stained concrete is incredibly easy to clean as its smooth, waterproof surface prevents dirt, stains and mildew from getting trapped in the floor. All you will need to keep your floors clean is a mop and a bucket.


Budget Friendly

Apart from the cost of preparing the concrete floor and applying the acid stain, there are no other costs associated with acid stained floors or maintaining them.



We offer a variety of concrete stain colors, which can enhance the look, not only of your concrete, but interior too.

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