Concrete Sealing Orlando

Give your unsealed concrete floors a rustic or industrial vibe with our concrete sealers.

Concrete Sealing Benefits

Concrete sealing is a cheaper alternative to polished concrete while still protecting and extending the life of your floor. There are a ton of benefits for any commercial, industrial or residential property.



Our concrete sealers are designed to protect the concrete floor from liquids, damage, cracks, chipping and joint corrosion.
Sealed concrete floors can resist marking from tires and heavy equipment. Our penetrating sealers wear off only when the top layers wear off - 5 to 10 years depending on the floor use.


Concrete Dusting

One of the most common signs of concrete wear and tear is concrete dusting which is caused by the concrete breaking down. Concrete dusting is not only annoying but can be harmful for people's health, delicate equipment and goods. Concrete sealing tackles this by sealing the concrete pores and preventing wear and tear.



Unsealed concrete floors are commonly found in areas such as basements, garages and entryways - these areas experience the most exposure to moisture and water. Our concrete sealers are water tight preventing water soaking into the floor and damaging the concrete and its joints.


Easy to Clean

Like every seamless floor, sealed concrete floors do not require extensive maintenance. With regular cleaning your floors can look like new for longer. All you will need is a mop and some mild floor cleaner. For larger spaces a floor scrubber is recommended.

Your floors can easily make or break your space.

Don't let your crumbly floors impact your interior design or your bank account. Seal and protect them to extend their life and bring a modern vibe to your Orlando property.

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